It’s not enough to be indifferent, on the fence or concerned. It’s not enough to say “I have a black friend, I’m not racist. Its not enough for you to watch the news and say “wow, that’s terrible!” then carry on with your life as normal. You might as well be watching the Kardashians. It’s not enough to make yourself feel better by inviting your black friend to dinner, or send a heart felt direct message to your black friends inbox asking what she thinks about the George Floyd murder.

Imagine. Imagine your 16 year old son playing in the park and being arrested for a rape he didn’t commit and going to prison for 13 years only to be found innocent. Imagine your husband, brother or father going for a jog and being gunned down, murdered, for ‘jogging while black’. Imagine not being able to be yourself at work because if you’re ‘too black’ you won’t get promoted.

Speak The Hell Up. So if it’s not enough then what can you do? Talk. Talk to your children, no one is born a racist. It’s not a non issue or something to talk about when your child has a black friend in their school. It should be talked about. Period. Teach them about colour and diversity and celebrate differences. Watch movies that provoke their thinking. Teach them about Dr Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, show them that YOU are not racist. Speak out against injustice, talk about it on your social network platform. Let my fight be your fight. Let our fight be your fight. Turn on the news and tell your children why people in Atlanta are protesting, teach them non violence but tell them that George Floyd and Trayvon Martin should not have died the way they did. Speak out when your black colleague who despite being the best person for a promotion never gets it.

It’s not enough to read this post and just like or love it or share it. If you’re truly a friend then don’t tolerate racism. That friend or relative who is racist, tell them they can’t be around your children anymore. Dispel your myths and stereotypes about black people. Speak out against racism.

About amalembo

I am a Zambian living in the United Kingdom, spent nine months in romania and now living in blog is about my experiences here, there and everywhere
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2 Responses to ITS NOT ENOUGH

  1. Gloria says:

    True no one is born racist. Teach your children that racism is not the way to go. Enjoying your blogs. Hope this becomes a voice to the millions across the globe

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