me at piata sfatului (centre) in Brasov.

My name is Mapenzi  Pamela Phiri Ciurtin. I am a 30 ish Zambian born gal currently living in the United Kingdom. I love to travel, however this isn’t so much a travel blog. I find inspiration to write in the everyday moments that we can all relate to.  I will however endeavour to write about my travels through Europe , my experiences here and there  and will even attempt some current affairs from time to time.  I was born in Zambia, lived there in a wee mining town called Kitwe. I  have travelled to Thailand and will  need to write about that soon, I also lived in Brasov Romania. i love to write, about anything so this is an open blog. So join me as I tell it like it is.

2 Responses to About

  1. Serah says:

    HI are you still in Brasov am New here too From kenya

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