I’m writing a book

You don’t normally have to write about writing a book but I have had months of writers block so this is me trying to practice and get the hang of it again before I embark on my life’s project. I’ve given myself a year to come up with a draft of my book that I hope will one day be published. Its a dream, not an impossible one, just one that will take commitment,good grammar and a tolerance for criticism,

I feel that my 30 something years on this earth have been quite the adventure.I’ve been fortunate enough to live in 4 countries and been adventurous enough to have some interesting tales. The theme of my book will be about how I came to live in the uk and those that know me well will agree that its quite the story. From the beautiful sunsets of Zambia, the flambuoyant streets of Bangkok and the communist culture of Romania to the idyllic locations of the United Kingdom,  under grey skies of-course.

Believe it or not, my book will begin with a lot of reference from the 80’s hit movie, the bodyguard. still one of my favourtites today. This movie is to blame or thank, for several decisions I have made in my life since the day I sat wide eyed in front of the telly and watched it for the first time.

My book will detail how I came to the United Kingdom, ,how I learnt to rely on God and how all these events brought me closer to my daughter. it will tell of adventures ive had like partying the night away in Khao san road in Bangkok and being the only black person for miles in Brasov.

My life experiences so far as much as they make for interesting conversation cannot fill a whole  book, so I will also bring in the events that led a friend of mine ,who has become like a sister, to the United Kingdom, a beautiful Swazi woman who tells the tale of hitching rides from a small village in Swaziland to the island of Seychelles to pay a man promising to get her to the United Kingdom. we both grew up in Africa, we both had a dream of raising our children in the UK and we both went to extraordinary lengths to get here, I cannot recall the day I met this woman because we have become like sisters and its almost as if we were destined to meet, so its my job to bring these events to life and to hopefully end up on Oprahs couch one day, if Chimamanda Adichie and Imbolo Mbue can do it surely so can I.

So let the countdown begin…





About amalembo

I am a Zambian living in the United Kingdom, spent nine months in romania and now living in Hampshire...my blog is about my experiences here, there and everywhere
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2 Responses to I’m writing a book

  1. Yes, you can and will do it. Don’t stop daring. I discovered your blog on another Pan-African-like blog (Africanculturesblog) by Tholani Alli and I just feel like stopping by. I will like to get a copy of your book when it’s out. I live in Nigeria and blog about Nigerian history and cultures at https://oldnaija.com – Feel free to visit.

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