37042455gifce_smHere I am,four days away from the big ‘three O’,lying stomach down flat on the bed hoping I can write a good piece and hopefully flatten my post preggo belly at the same time. Dreams. Multitasking.

Ild like to be writing this from my sun room in the gorgeous countryside house that I just bought sipping on some rare french wine from my vast wine collection downstairs. But alas, here I lie trying so hard not to move as any movement will wake my 1 year old (going on 5) who insists on sleeping in our bed.

I always said I wanted a child before I turned 30 so you can congratulate me on that. I always wanted to marry out of my culture so more congratulations. I always wanted to travel the world, and I can gladly say I lived in Thailand for two months, spent a week in South Africa, was in an airport in Dubai for 7 hours, spent three nights in Zimbabwe, more airport stops in Kenya (do these even count??) and I now live in Romania. More congratulations.

However, I keep thinking about 20 – something me graduating,very well, from the second highest learning institution in Zambia and ready to take on the world. I jumped all in after that,working any job as long as it added value to my work experience and career goals. I had the plan, graduate, work, job, car, flat, husband, plot, kids, forever after. It was a solid plan and still is for alot of people in Zambia.

My career took off okay

. I worked a series of odd jobs in the begginning. Some unpaid just to avoid being idle. I even acted as a district planner for Masaiti District on the Copperbelt Province! I remember advising the council on where to build a district hospital.  Me. Its the stuff a planners dreams are made of. Then my experience at the lusaka planning office took me to the beautiful Luangwa District where I learnt the secrets of the Marula tree, elephants love to eat them, humans can only drink it once processed as it is extremely bitter.

I finally landed what I and most of you would agree is the dream job. Sales consultant for First National Bank. Glamarous. And it was. High heels, pencil skirts and glowing skin from the reliable air conditioning. I worked it like a pro, winning little inside competitions for being super fast on the account opening process. I did it for one year until It became too mundane for me. I threw in the towel and went to Bangkok. The city brought a new perspective on life. I saw people living. People who did what they love and made money at the same time. It was a real eye opener for me and so I started a business.

The business idea was amazing. Selling products from bangkok to zambians, online. It took off to a great start and we even opened shop. But it was short lived as we failed to account for so many other operating costs. So not only was I pregnant and unmarried, I was also unemployed. I decided to wait it out till the baby was born and thats just what I did.

I eventually got back on my feet,moved to a new town, worked with great people and alas, the rest is history.

Life is lived in those moments in between those so called ‘big moments’. My life so far has been a blessing. I was blessed with a loving father for 14 years, a fun filled sister for 24 and a sunny niece for 6 years. I continue to be blessed by an extraordinary husband, a headstrong beautiful daughter and a flamboyant family.

Turning thirty is a big deal. Theres alot of stuff you can get away with in your twenties, but once you hit thirty you are just ten years away from forty. You are officialy an adult, if you are married then these are the years you plan your childbearing, cement your career path and begin to say things like investment and real estate.  However, life is for the living and as long as you are alive its never too late to begin again. For me, 30 seems like a damn good begginning.


About amalembo

I am a Zambian living in the United Kingdom, spent nine months in romania and now living in Hampshire...my blog is about my experiences here, there and everywhere
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  1. vanessa says:

    Brilliant work.
    I enjoyed the blog and look forward to more

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